There’s No Waking Up If You’re Dead

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A female ruby-throated hummingbird (archilochus colubris) by the back yard feeder

The Big Picture
by Glynn Wilson

Waking up pissed off is not the best way to start a Sunday morning.

But perhaps that’s inevitable sometimes when you are stuck in the suburbs of a broken down county in a state in denial and a country that teeters on the brink of losing its collective soul on a daily basis.

With every fiber of my brain and body I want to shout from the rooftops in an effort to help save people from committing mass suicide. But then I think: Why bother?

Like Norman Maclean wrote in the conclusion to his memoir A River Runs Through It:

“Help is giving part of yourself to somebody who comes to accept it willingly and needs it badly,” Maclean said. “So it is that we can seldom help anybody. Either we don’t know what part to give or maybe we don’t like to give any part of ourselves. Then, more often than not, the part that is needed is not wanted….”

As I sat on the porch quietly sipping the Sunday morning coffee and watching the hummingbirds fight each other off the feeders, I began to wonder if the genetic link between birds and people is stronger than we think?

The male ruby-throated hummingbirds attack each other constantly, trying to prevent their competitors from getting to the life-saving nectar that gives them enough strength to continue their long migration south this time of year.

This reminded me of a few rank and file union members who will fight you to the death and threaten your life with assault weapons if you dare to suggest that voting Republican is not in their best interest. The same seems to hold true of some environmental activists, and even a few “occupy” protesters who insist on blaming all the problems of the world on President Barack Obama.

I’m resigned to the fact that it won’t do any good to say it, but I’m going to say it anyway. Mr. Obama did not cause the financial crisis we’re in. He didn’t start the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He didn’t cause the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. And he can’t fix the health care crisis or the economic crisis without a little help from the other side in Congress, which he is not getting and will never get.

Whether they hate him because he is black, a native of Hawaii or they just can’t stand the thought of a Democrat in the White House, these morons will vote for a stand-for-nothing Mormon just to make a death leap of a point.

There is no reason to try to reason with them. They don’t know how to reason. They have learned how to scream lies in Facebook comments as if they were on a cable news talk show. All journalists are “liberals,” to them a terribly bad thing like Communists and cockroaches, and any journalist who says anything positive about the president is obviously a “hack,” as if the damn rednecks even knew what that term means.

Part of our social problem with understanding the world these days is that we have lost the ability to hold enough information in our heads at one time to constitute a collective memory of what has gone on before so that we can evaluate what might happen in the future.

The Internet and the Web provide some amazing tools to help with this process, but not if people just react to the post right in front of them and never use Google or anything else to do a little research on what has gone before.

In the interest of connecting the dots for people — not that it will matter since the people who need this the most will not bother to read it — I’m going to point out a couple of things to try to help people understand me, what I do and the mission of this Website. I’m not in the same exact business as Newhouse’s or The Huffington Post, or the rest of the mainstream news media in America. I’m not just in this for the ratings, the traffic or the profits. I’m into creating something new and different here, sort of like HBO’s “The Newsroom” 2.0. That’s why I don’t spend a lot of time covering sports, celebrity news or sensational crime.

But since new readers just take such offense at my editorial support of Obama and want to claim that I am some kind of a liberal, Democrat lackey, obviously you missed my take down of Alabama’s Artur Davis in 2008. I was the only journalist in Alabama or the country who told the actual story about what Davis was really like — before he lost the Democratic primary for governor and went on to become a Republican shill.

In other words, I took on a black Democrat in my home state and was vilified by the left for it, and they have still not given me credit for being the first person with the intelligence and the courage to say it before it became popular to bash Davis, now that the egotistical worm in his stomach has turned Red.

I was also critical of the Obama administration early on and I was the one who broke the first story on the problems of “looking forward, not back,” and going after Karl Rove and the remnants of the Bush Justice Department, long before it became a popular thing to do on liberal blogs.

Blame that too on the political ambitions of Artur Davis, who whispered it in Obama’s ear at the White House Christmas party in 2008 and abandoned the investigation of Don Siegelman’s case in Congress because he did not want to ever have to face Siegelman in an Alabama election battle, which Davis then actually thought he had a chance in hell of winning.

You want criticism of the president to prove we are not the “lapdog” press around here?

Read my good friend Scott Horton’s piece at Harper’s magazine then on how the Obama Justice Department has decided not to prosecute the CIA for illegal renditions.

Horton: Holder Announces Impunity for Torture-Homicides

Oh, but that’s a “liberal blog.”

How about the Washington Post version?

Justice Department Closes CIA Renditions Probe Without Charges

Oh, but you can just dismiss that as “tripe” from a liberal newspaper, I guess, and let’s face it. You fucking rednecks don’t give a shit about due process or the rule of law anyway. “God and country” to you means all blacks, Hispanics and gays should leave so you don’t have to look at them. You claim to live by the Ten Commandents, yet you conveniently forget the one about “thou shalt not kill.”

You probably agree with Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision in this case, not that you would ever admit it in public, since he is a black Democrat.

So remind me again. Why am I trying to help you?

Maybe I won’t anymore.

If you want to commit collective suicide, try letting your Republican members take over the unions and see how fast you go out business.

As for the anti-Obama environmentalists, go ahead and vote for Mitt Romney and see how fast he dismantles the Environmental Protection Agency and ruins the environment in this country beyond repair. There won’t be anything left to save for your little non-profit organizations then. It might help you raise the money to pay your salaries for another year or two, but this journalist will be here to publish the criticism of you when the world as we know it comes to an end.

No where in the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution or any other founding legal document does it say Democracy can’t survive without non-profit organizations and Facebook. The point is a free press is what’s critical, and the free press does not mean the press is given away for free. It means a press operating without undue political and corporate influences on what it publishes and with the courage to take on the big stories people “need” to know about, not just what advertisers think they “want” to know about or what is popular on Facebook.

As one of my Occupy Birmingham friends likes to say, “Let the train run off the tracks and then maybe people will wake up.”

The problem is, there is no waking up if you’re dead.

If would be better to wake up now and help me help you do something about it — before it’s really too late.

© 2012 – 2015, Glynn Wilson. All rights reserved.

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