Contemplating Hunger and Nature in the Jefferson National Forest


Secret Vistas By Glynn Wilson MARION, Va. – Listening to a babbling brook and watching the snow flakes gently fall in one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful acts, I am pondering the legend of the hungry mother who inspired the name of this place along the Hungry Mother Creek. As the story goes, back during…

Reflections in the Snow From the Nation’s Capital


The Big Picture – By Glynn Wilson – TACOMA PARK, Md. — Camped out in the media van surrounded by a foot of snow, there’s finally time and space in the schedule to reflect a little on the events of the past week and look ahead for a few minutes at the future. The plan…

Noccalula Falls and the Coosa River


On a recent camping trip to Gadsden Alabama for a conference on the water wars between the states, we camped at the Noccalula Falls Campground, where we encountered the Noccalula Falls black squirrel. On the way home south, we stopped along the Coosa River for a brief respite.

Clay County Search and Rescue Squad Comes Through for Lost Hikers

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Secret Vistas – By Glynn Wilson – TALLADEGA NATIONAL FOREST, Ala. — The night was quiet and still except for the owls hooting and the coyotes howling off in the distance when we let the fire burn down in the Turnipseed Campground and climbed into bed Sunday evening after hiking to Cheaha Falls during the…

Autumn Leaf Color Season Approaches


By Glynn Wilson – The autumn season is upon us, since the fall equinox occurred on September 22, and it is about to be a busy time of year for travelers who like to get outdoors and chase the changing leaf colors in the most beautiful of seasons in North America. According to officials in…

Technology Opens Up John Muir’s Birthplace to the World


The birthplace of the Scottish nature conservationist John Muir is to be opened up to people across the world, thanks to a ground-breaking new digital scanning project. An expert team digitally scanned Muir’s childhood home in Dunbar, where he was born and lived his early years, before establishing himself as a visionary champion of nature.…

Labor Day Feature Photos from Tannehill State Park


TANNEHILL STATE PARK, AL. — Labor unions and members of the public celebrated Labor Day at the historic ironworks park. Here are some feature photos of the event. The United Mine Workers and other unions held their annual Birmingham District Labor Day celebration, with plenty of barbecue along with “pickin’ and singin’” and a fair…

Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area Attracts Urban Crowds


By Glynn Wilson – Watch the video – ATLANTA, Ga. — The Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area near Atlanta, Georgia attracts large crowds of hikers, joggers, bikers, kayakers and those from the big city who just want to float down the river in an inner tube or a rubber raft with a cooler of refreshing…

Secret Vistas: Waking Up on Lake Lurleen


By Glynn Wilson – LAKE LURLEEN, Ala. – Jefferson and I woke up camped along Lake Lurleen in the State Park named after Alabama’s only female governor, Lurleen Burns-Wallace, and I snapped these photos with the new iPhone early in the morning as the dog took a swim. Unfortunately, this state park has yet to…

Birmingham Barons Welcome Historic 1964 Barons To New Regions Field


By Glynn Wilson – BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — It was 1947 when Jack “Jackie” Roosevelt Robinson, son of a sharecropper from Cairo, Georgia, broke the color line in baseball. It was the beginning of the end for segregation in all aspects of American life, a trend that began during the Civil War when Abraham Lincoln freed…

Camping With WiFi in the Talladega National Forest

A Future Fracking Zone? Looking out over the national forest from the Talladega Scenic Drive toward Mt. Cheaha, the highest peak in Alabama’s Appalachian Mountains off in the distance (click on the images for a larger view) -

Get Involved to Stop Fracking on Public Land – The Big Picture – By Glynn Wilson – CANE CREEK, Ala. — Sitting here by the creek listening to the water flow over the rocks and the birds sing in the trees, it’s hard to believe anyone would want to clear off the top of every…

About 35,000 March on Washington for Action on Climate Change


Watch the video here… Bill McKibben at the front of the march, with Sierra Club president Michael Brune behind him [click on the image for a larger view … more photos below]… By Glynn Wilson WASHINGTON, D.C., Feb. 17 – During President’s Day weekend and in freezing temperatures and against a brutal wind, more than…