It’s Not Too Late for Alabama

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Editorial –
By Darrell Turner

Citizens of Alabama, it is time to stand up and be counted.


Darrell Turner

For too long we have been seen as stupid, redneck, backward and just plain simple. Serious thought and consideration must be given to the path of destruction that beckons our state, and we as a people must march out of the abyss of our own making.

In the overall scheme of Alabama politics, there are choices, and they are not difficult ones to make. If you are poor, you are a Democrat, even if you deny the obvious.

The Alabama Republican Party has deliberately pushed you aside. They have erased you from their wish list, because you have nothing to offer them. They block Medicaid and cut it every chance they get. They want to eliminate Medicare. They have blocked 340,000 of our neediest citizens from basic healthcare. They would have seniors denied Social Security benefits, knowing that most of you only have that meger check for survival.

The Alabama Republican Party, led by extremely wealthy individuals, pushes for cuts to food assistance programs, housing, public schooling, and the list goes on and on. Without sustainable income, food, shelter, and health care, Alabama’s poor and needy have nothing to look forward to but the cemetery. You must stop electing the scoundrels that claim to be the only Party of GOD. These people have hoodwinked you long enough.

If you are LATINO, Alabama republicans want you out of the state. They pull every trick in the book to block you from receiving benefits while you work for starvation wages, usually earned in cash. Our super majority group of legislative morons want to strip from the Statue of Liberty, the words, “Give me your tired, your poor, your yearning masses dreaming to be free” while they plot to make Alabama a vast land of poor whites, void of Latinos and Blacks.

Forget it Citizens of Alabama, if you wish a public education for your child. The Alabama GOP’s plan includes cutting teachers jobs, cutting other state employee jobs, slicing wages, and the elimination of books and school supplies. In republican code, working class and poor Alabamians be damned. The rich children of Alabama will be fine, and rich Republican dads can claim another tax loophole, all thanks to hoodwinked Democrats voting the Republican line.

If you are a black Alabama citizen, and you are among the 1.773 percent of Alabama’s elite, you will be fine. But you will not hang out with Mr. Marsh or Mr. Hubbard, and you will not be elected to their Montgomery country club Legislature. That club is reserved for rich white men only. The remaining 98+ percent of you already know where you stand. You live in a state controlled by white supremist Republicans, and you are all alone at the Governor’s office.

If you are among the unemployed in this state, be thankful that federal laws supercede state laws. Our good leaders would have none of your unemployment benefits dispensed in our state if they had their way. And thank a Democrat every time you can that Grand Old Party poopers don’t have the power to do away with the minimum wage. Our Republican wizards would eliminate it if they could.

For the union members voting Republican in our state, Senator Dial and that crowd thanks you. Our political leaders can’t have Democrat supported (unions) organizing those overseas corporations that love Alabama’s climate of slave wages and weak unions. In fact, come on down to Alabama, you rich corporations, and get your free ride, all at the expense of Alabama’s non-union work force. You know, the men and women that toil in your plants for minimum wage while you are exempted from paying Alabama taxes.

Alabama citizens, I’ve saved the best for last. Lets talk a bit about our women folk. And let’s thank our Republican Legislature for looking out for the female gender among us; our moms, sisters, wives, grand moms, neices, friends, strangers, etc. These guys have made themselves GOD almighty and jailer, all rolled up in one. They have all the answers, they think, and their anti-woman rhetoric should rattle the bone marrow of every woman in this state. In fact, I find it absolutely unbelievable that any woman, Democrat or Republican, could vote for one of these wolves that says they represent Alabama values.

Bottom line, Alabama Republicans: Stand up and be counted next election cycle. Vote Democrat. Educate yourselves to the truth. It is not too late.

If you make less than $500,000 a year, you are too poor to be a Republican. If you are a woman, run from the GOP as fast as you can. If you believe in unionism, don’t shoot your other foot. Teachers, remember last election and the current state of Alabama government and our public school houses? I repeat, the Republican Party of Alabama is a white guy, rich man’s club. OUR REPUBLICAN LEGISLATORS bear that out. Your only use to those people is to elect them and believe everything they say.

© 2013, Glynn Wilson. All rights reserved.

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