U.S. Attorney General Honors ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’

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Obama Appointee Eric Holder Takes No Questions in Tuscaloosa

by Glynn Wilson

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — The nation’s top lawyer came all the way down from Washington D.C. to little old Alabama on Tuesday and gave a tightly controlled hour-long presentation honoring the 50th anniversary and influence of Harper Lee’s classic To Kill A Mockingbird at the University of Alabama’s law school. But he celebrated that story about justice by taking no questions from the media or the audience, as President Barack Obama did in a town hall meeting on Monday.

In his remarks focusing on the theme of a literary truth derived from the book, the theme that “an individual can make a difference” if they focus on “doing the right thing,” Holder never mentioned the criminal prosecution of the British Petroleum corporation and its partner in the crimes against nature in the Gulf of Mexico, Halliburton, which I would have asked about if there was anything resembling democracy left in the US of A.

Nor did Holder have a single encouraging word about the prospects for ending further political prosecutions against Democrats out of Montgomery by Bush appointed U.S. attorney Laure Canary, the wife of conservative Business Council president Bill Canary, who worked for the Bush family and with political hit boy Karl Rove to take over the Alabama Supreme Court in the 1990s — a political feat the liberal trial lawyers in Alabama have yet to figure out how to counter.

Holder’s remarks about ‘Mockingbird’ are relevant to reflect upon further in a column perhaps, once the transcript comes out. But the locked-down nature of his appearance does not inspire confidence that he truly understands either the dilemma we face as a state and country in obtaining justice, or his willingness to pay more than lip service to the rights of Americans to be secure in their homes.

If he allows Canary to remain in her post and bring more indictments against Democrats in the state House and Senate, and perhaps even the Democratic Party’s standard bearer Ron Sparks — before the Nov. 2 election — the blight on his term as attorney general may rival the blight on Obama’s presidency, stained forever by the ineffectual response to the largest environmental disaster in American history.

Franklin Roosevelt’s legacy as a great president may be stained by the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, and Abraham Lincoln’s legacy may be blighted by his suspension of Habeas Corpus during the Civil War, as Holder pointed out in his remarks. What he did not face up to is that the judgement of his tenure — and this presidents’ — may very well come down to how he responds to the Gulf drilling disaster.

As long as there continue to be reports of BP contractors secretly spraying chemical dispersants and denying the press and the public access to beaches still tainted with oil, the reputation of this administration may as well rest in the hands of a few conservative Tea Party activists, many of whom would just as soon kill Obama and Holder as look at them.

In this hostile political climate, one can’t help but wonder what is stopping the Chicago political machine, which spawned Obama, from using their newfound power to take out of a few of their chief opponents, such as Karl Rove, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly.

I mean, what I’m wondering is, while sitting here sipping a Yuengling after the trip to Tuscaloosa, how many stories do we have to endure about these so-called “average Americans” in the Tea Party, who think it is quite alright to openly advocate the assassination of the president — without facing water boarding, much less arrest or even a visit downtown for questioning?

All while the activist left, a.k.a. the “professional left,” which got Obama elected in the first place, BTW, can’t even get a question in to the attorney general in a public forum? Just sayin’ it makes one wonder if the right people are in office — with the right priorities on their minds.

The picture is so cloudy some days it is hard to tell for sure.

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